What Do You Know About Greeting Cards?

What Do You Know About Greeting Cards?

What Do You Know About Greeting Cards?

When you dwell on a word, sometimes it can begin to sound foreign. You may start to wonder if the word is truly spelled the way you speak it. Ever grab a dictionary just to check it out? Think of the word "greetings", for example. How did someone even come up with such a word as greetings?

The definition is: the acts or words of one who greets. So, then, what does greet mean? It means to address with friendliness, to meet or receive in a specified way. Well, then, what is the purpose of greeting cards?

As one who has studied the English language to any extent, a person should agree that it is one of the hardest languages to learn. Just the word "greetings" should solidify that fact. Greeting cards, for example, do not always address one with friendliness. Sometimes they address a person's sadness or forgiveness or anger, even grief. But when one thinks of greetings and greeting cards, one thinks first of friendliness or joy. Greetings are meant to bring acknowledgement. Perhaps acknowledgement of something negative, or something positive, or even something completely neutral is in order.

Greetings are supposedly a way to touch someone in a kind way. When one sends a greeting card, usually it is for a birthday or maybe even just to say hello and reconnect with a friend or loved one. Sometimes, however, greetings are to comfort. As in when one loses a loved one and a greeting card can touch their heart and ease their loss in a personal way. Sometimes, greetings are a way to bring a smile to someone who has been ill or hospitalized for an accident of some sort.

Greeting cards can uplift a lonely soul. They can soothe the pain of a person when he or she may think no one cares. There is such a joy in receiving funny greetings from someone when you have had a terrible day or a terrible week. You open the mailbox and think "What is this?" Maybe there is no name on the outside. Many people send greetings without a return address. It can be considered rude to some to expect anything in return.

Maybe you have angered someone or hurt their feelings and need to put your thoughts on paper, but just can't seem to find the words. All you have to do is go to a store that sells greeting cards and find the perfect solution. It brings a sense of fulfillment to find just the right card. It can also be quite time-consuming for those who don't really know exactly what it is they wish to send! But, oh, the relief when you finally come across that card that says what you want in just the right way. Many a relationship has been saved by something as simple and low-cost as a greeting card.

There are, of course, greetings that are less tasteful when one wishes to convey negative things. I do have to wonder about creators of greeting cards that say things to purposely anger someone. I personally believe it warps the meaning of "greetings" entirely!